What You Need To Know About Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping

May 1, 2020

While your business’s landscape may not be at the top of your list during these challenging times, taking care of it now is less expensive than replacing it later.

The landscape on your commercial property is quite different than that in your backyard. The plants for your business need to be low maintenance and pretty sturdy.  There is also, signage issues, safety concerns, and the demand for curb appeal.

When it comes to commercial landscaping, don’t forget to plan for growth

Plants grow quickly in our environment, so it is important to leave plenty of space between them. If they are planted too close to a building or each other, they will eventually look messy and unkempt. They will also need to be replaced sooner than you expected.

The cost of the new plants and maintenance of removing the old plants and installing the new, can get expensive. 

The right plant at the right place 

Not all plants, shrubs, and trees work together. A lot of them have different needs, how much water and light they need. Florida landscape experts understand which plants thrive in our unique environment. For instance, which shade loving plants should be installed under a tree. To share the same watering schedule, drought tolerant plants should be grouped together. This can end up saving a ton of money and frustration. 

The best plants for year round curb appeal 

Your landscape makes a big impact (whether good or bad) all year round. How will those beautiful spring flowering shrubs look this this winter? Bare sticks that become a safety hazard?

The professionals at Baker Commercial Landscaping know the best plants for a great look year round. Ensuring your property has great curb appeal throughout the seasons. 

An effective design can improve the customer experience and have more people drawn to your commercial property. Baker Commercial Landscape strives to execute the best plan for your business or venue. With our years of experience and certified professionals, we deliver just that!