Three Ways to Improve Your Orlando and Tampa Commercial Landscape

December 1, 2017

A properties landscape can be the first impression on future clients and customers. Analyzing your already existing landscape for ways to improve your curb appeal and making it more customer friendly guarantees you make it a good one. Making sure landscape is properly maintained and looking its best can help increase your property value making your business more attractive. Baker Commercial Landscape can help you make the changes your business needs to keep it looking beautiful.

shutterstock_77951332Add a Pop of Color

Choosing plants that add color and vibrance to your landscape may give you the edge up on the competition. Flowers are always appeasing to the eyes, but to keep blooms all year it is important to keep up the seasons. Having landscape managers create a blooming chart helps make sure you always have flowers in bloom.

Flowering trees are also a reliable source to utilize providing towering colors to grab attention. Shrubs and trees can also be used for a splash of a color, offering lush greenery all year.

Adding color to hardscape aspects like fencings, boulders, stones and pavements can help landscapes thrive as well. It can be hard to keep color all year round having these can make it easier to incorporate color. Experts landscapers can make these changes and find what changes work the best for your business.


The proper lighting can make all the difference when trying to attract customers. Well, lite walkways make people feel comfortable and welcome. Paths, pavements and lawns are areas where lighting can be effective making your business feel top notch. Using different hues can enhance certain areas drawling attention to specific areas and making them stand out.


It is a growing trend in landscape to use sustainable plants, trees, shrubs and more in landscape design. This is the use of native plants to the area, in Orlando and Tampa we are blessed with a sub-tropical client making for lovely landscapes majority of the year. It is not just appeasing to the eyes it helps companies do their part in creating an ecofriendly landscape. Going green can also save you money on watering when using native plants that are used to the harsh Florida sun. Designing in this way is planning for not only the future of your property but also the globe. Customers will take pride in knowing that you have done your part to help the current environmental issues.
Don’t waste time with old drab landscape. Get the landscape to make your business soar to new heights! Baker Commercial Landscape can do the heavy lifting for you! Call today!