Tampa/Orlando Landscaping, for a Better Corporate Image

June 24, 2018

Corporate image is vital for success. Central Florida, Orlando and Tampa, businesses take great effort in advertising, social media, and online reviews, to create a positive image. But what type of message is your landscape sending”?

Effective landscaping produces a powerful positive message, attracting visitors, improving productivity and team members morale, while producing a supportive community appearance.

Positive Visual Impression is Your Business Card

1Showing your guests and clients you care about your image speaks volumes. We’ve all seen that business with noticeable brown spots in the turf, weeds, and overgrown, but never give it much thought.

We’ve also all seen the business with beautiful manicured green grass, colorful flowers, properly pruned trees and shrubs, this catches our eye. A pleasing visual image is inviting and welcoming.

Community Benefit

Visually appealing landscaping shows a commitment to the community, while promoting social interactions. Tenants, employees, visitors, and clients, will want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Everyone is naturally drawn to inviting, well groomed and beautiful spaces.

Promoting a Safe Environment

A properly landscaped property also promotes safety. With well defined walkways, nighttime lighting, trees and shrubs can create natural barriers to reduce loitering, and regular maintenance can prevent injuries and damages.

Make a Positive and Lasting Impression

A positive and welcoming experience keeps customers and visitors coming back. This type of curb appeal doesn’t happen by chance.  Don’t underestimate your landscaping, several studies show it to directly affect where customers and people shop, dine, and live.

The Baker Green Team

Serving Central Florida since 1991, Baker Commercial Landscaping provides a complete landscape solution for property owners and managers eliminating the need for multiple contractors. Our outstanding designs, attention to detail, green initiative, and beautiful landscape havens, is what makes us a leader in the industry.

We have a “Can Do” attitude that sets us apart from other landscape companies, contact Baker Landscaping for more information.