Tampa/Orlando Landscaper, Attract Guest With New Fall Annuals

November 8, 2017

We all know landscaping is a great way to attract guests, visitors, and new tenants, but it is also a safety concern. Unfortunately, when plants, shrubs, and trees are neglected, they can create quite a hazard on a commercial property.

Pedestrian safety is an issue, no matter how much traffic you have on your property. It can end up becoming serious liability matters.

Improve your curb appeal and safety

Going to work at the same building every day, you may notice the changing landscape. You don’t notice the small details or the plants that have been slowly dying. Take a moment and really observe the property. Start with the front entrance and then the surroundings. What are your first thoughts? Is it a good first impression? Does it make you want to come inside and spend time there?

It is a very competitive market for commercial properties in Orlando and Tampa. Just a few simple enhancements can make your property stand out and stay safe.

When it comes to your signage, it is important to go the extra mile. A sign inundated by dying and dull plants can send guests away. While bright, bold, and vibrant plants can turn heads in your direction. A great pop of colors can do wonders, both during the day and at night.

The key to an enchanting landscape is maintenance. It can easily get out of hand, low branches and overgrown shrubs can obstruct visibility, block windows, scratch the building, roots can damage sidewalks, not only making the property unsafe, it also looks unkempt.

Get excited about color this fall. Baker Commercial Landscaping has been in the industry for decades, beautifying properties and making them safe for employees and guests. Let our design team come up with an affordable color design plan that will have a beautiful impact on your property.

Our experienced crews and project managers that can help you create beautiful, eye catching landscaping for your business. We are fully licensed and insured, our equipment is state of the art and well maintained by our in-house repair facility.

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