Tampa/Orlando Landscape: How to Obtain Beautiful Grass

June 9, 2018

Nothing welcomes customers and guests more than a beautiful green turf. It’s natures welcome mat. Healthy rich green landscape conveys a positive impression of your business. Brown and dying grass also speaks volumes about your business.

There Are Many Components to Lush Green Grass.

Healthy grass doesn’t need to be over fertilized

It can be tempting to over fertilize in hopes of obtaining beautiful flowers and healthy plants. This also happens with turf. Most of this fertilizer is washed away into our ground water. Turns out, our lawns don’t need as much fertilizer as once thought. Instead, it should be used as a building block in the growth process. Keeping your grass healthy, as well as our ecosystem, is an important aspect of commercial landscaping.

The natural stages of growth

The time of year, water, and other factors all affect the natural stages of growth. Turf naturally goes through a dormant period during the year. Understanding the stages goes a long way when scheduling maintenance.

Choice of grass

Choosing the right type of grass is vital. Some thrive on an abundance of sunlight while others do better in the shade. Some hold up well with a lot of foot traffic and some species do well with minimal maintenance. The design team at Baker Commercial Landscape can assist you in choosing the right turf for your situation, after all it’s the first step to beautiful and successful curb appeal.


Different species of turf have their unique needs. Keeping grass at their ideal height, such as 3 to 4 inches for Bahia grass, while St Augustine is 2.5 to 4 inches, and Cantipede grass is less than 2.5, will help with photosynthesis, keep it looking its best and ensure a long lifespan.

Grass may not look very complex, but there is more than meets the eye. The team at Baker Commercial Landscape can make sure your welcome mat is beautiful and relays a positive image for your business.

Take a good look at your grass, is it a beautiful welcome mat for guests, if not contact Baker Commercial Landscape for a free quote.