Tampa/Orlando Landscape Design to Grab the Attention of Guests

August 24, 2017

We all know the importance of first impressions. The fact is, a commercial property, hotels, medical plazas, restaurants, HOA, and businesses with great curb appeal and a beautiful landscape design are more likely to attract guests. Investing in your property will help grab the attention of potential customers and keep them coming back.

An attractive landscape design doesn’t necessarily mean the entire property has to be redone. Taking care of a few important areas and sprucing up the landscaping can make a big difference.

Lawn Maintenance

If the lawn occupies most of your property make sure it looks great! For an impressive curb appeal the  grass needs to be properly mowed, ensure there aren’t any uneven patches, diseases or bug infestation.

Landscaping Plan

Just planting a few plants and hoping for the best doesn’t do much for your curb appeal. It is important to have a plan. A professional landscape design can do wonders for increasing business prospects. Ensuring your business stands out with unique features and making the entrance a focal point can  transform a property.

Tree Trimming

Trees and shrubs grow quickly in our tropical environment. They can easily turn unsightly and even become a safety hazard. Proper tree trimming can define the shape, remove dead branches, helps prevent diseases, and keeps them from growing into the walking areas.

Fertilization and Pest Control

The foundation of a beautiful landscape is a well nourished soil. Proper nourishment and fertilization will help create an impressive property, while reducing pests and diseases. Such chemicals can also damage grass, plants, the surrounding environment, and should be left up to a professional.

Your landscaping says a lot about your business, stirring the interest of potential customers and guests is well worth the investment.

To ensure your business reaches its full potential, a professional landscaper who has experience and understands your needs, can help. Baker Commercial Landscaping does just that! We offer a variety of landscaping features to attract attention of potential guests and keep them coming back.

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