Tampa/Orlando Landscape Design, Make Your Business Stand Out

April 2, 2018

Setting your Orlando or Tampa business or office park from the rest can be a big challenge. There are usually similar properties trying to attract the same tenants, guests, and clients. Your landscape is what prospects notice first, it is vital to make sure it is a good impression.

Your Landscape is One of Your Best Marketing Tools

Capture the Attention of Your Guests

Large stately trees, pop of color with beautiful annuals, a pond or fountain, and benches for seating, can create a retreat type atmosphere. Somewhere guests can escape the hustle and bustle. Trees and pergolas can also give visitors a place to get some relief  from the hot sun.

Colorful foliage near your signage will draw the attention of those driving. While using native plants will create a sustainable environment. Occupancy rates and employee morale will both be increased with attractive surroundings.

Safety and Security

Safety is a big issue.  Overgrown trees and bushes can easily be a liability, as well as large roots encroaching on walkways.

Security is important during the day as well as at night. Lighting near entrances, along walkways and near your signage, makes tenants and guests feel more secure.  It also deters criminals. A safe environment is welcoming to guests and tenants.

Today’s customers have an overabundance of choices of where they live, shop, and dine, your business needs to stand out from the rest. Studies show people are most likely to visit a business they find visually attractive.

Hire a Landscaper Service With Experience and Knows the Latest Trends to Ensure Your Property Stands Out

Baker Commercial Landscaping understands the curb appeal of your property speaks volumes about you and your business. We focus our attention on the visual appearance, cost-effectiveness, design’s functionality, and environmental friendliness.

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