Tampa/Orlando Commercial Landscaping, Seasonal Annuals

October 24, 2018

Your business front is the best canvas for drawing attention to your Orlando or Tampa business. Curb appeal makes you stand out from the rest and attract new guests. This time of year, you can enhance your landscape by adding color with seasonal annuals. Baker Commercial Landscaping is an expert at giving your property a new look for the holiday season.

Customers Point of View

Before a client settles on where to do their business they consider many aspects, often comparing one with the other. Does your business front seem drab and boring or unattended? This can have potential customers choosing your competition. Don’t worry, you can change all that with the help of Baker Commercial. Beautiful seasonal annuals are a great way to brighten up any  entrance, walkway, flower bed, or signage. Leave a lasting, positive first impression with a number of annuals, varying in color, size, shape and even smell.

Care and Maintenance

With the addition of annuals comes their care. It is important to keep these plants healthy so that they do their job. Dying plants are not a good look when trying to invite people in or make them feel welcome. Soil must be properly cared for to ensure that the right nutrients are available for the plants.

Some annuals require different amounts of shade or sunlight, so where they are placed must be well thought out. Keeping the seasonal annuals well hydrated is also important to keep them living throughout the rest of the year. Regular maintenance like removing weeds from growing alongside them is beneficial to the plant’s health as well.

Turning to Baker Commercial Landscaping can help create eye catching curb appeal. With unique design plans for each property, you can ensure your landscape will be one of a kind and sure to blow your competition out of the water.

Don’t let your drab and worn landscape break your business. Contact Baker Landscaping, our expert design and installation team will add beauty and value along with a lasting positive first impression.