Tampa/Orlando Commercial Landscaping; Curb Appeal Matters!

June 2, 2019

What should your Orlando or Tampa commercial landscape include to keep it looking attractive? How your property looks is the face of your business and should be a top priority. Visual appeal, the landscapes health and maintenance, all adds up to a beautiful welcome mat. 

Commercial landscape, What services should be included in your contract?

Design and Maintenance 

The key to a professional looking landscape that is well kept, is a sustainable design and routine maintenance. Professional grade equipment and professional crew ensures  an attractive curb appeal for the long term.


To stay strong and healthy, your lawn requires a nutritional program customized to fit your properties unique needs. Not all turf and soil is the same, using the right fertilizer can make all the difference.


Not only does mulching add that professional appeal to your property, it prevents weeds from growing, retain moisture in the soil, keeps the soil from compacting, insulates the roots from the extreme heat, and adds vital nutrients for the plants to absorb, to keep your landscape healthy and happy.


To achieve that neat manicured appearance edging is necessary. Edging is also responsible for keeping grass from creeping in on flower beds, and to keep soil and mulch in their proper place. 


Pruning is necessary for a healthy landscape. It also helps keep employees, guests and customers safe. Unhealthy growth can easily create a hazard. This is particularly important as we head into hurricane season. 

Why Choose Baker Commercial Landscaping?

Baker Commercial Landscaping is made up of specially trained employees that will maintain your property to the highest quality. We take the up-keep and beauty of your property seriously, we have Account Managers that visit twice a month. Their visits make it easier to catch any landscape concerns that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Baker Commercial Landscaping takes care of your property and enhances its beauty. We take the time to walk through your property and help you assess any maintenance concerns, replacing plants and potential upgrades, to give you a beautiful landscape all year round.

Free Quote

We offer many different services to meet the needs of all our customers, working one on one with each client. Your landscape will be the perfect fit for you and your budget. Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping for a free quote.