Tampa/Orlando Commercial Landscaping; Beautiful Designs to Attract Customers

May 2, 2019

You want your Tampa/Orlando commercial property to stand out from the competition, but not break the budget. A distinctive design, versatile, environmentally friendly, conserve water, and attractive.     

The experienced team at Baker Commercial Landscaping can make this a reality. We have a variety of eye catching landscape options that your guests and clients will appreciate. Studies that landscaping directly affects where people shop, dine, and live.

Environmentally Friendly Landscape

The hottest trends in commercial landscape is going ‘Green’. From native plants, responsible irrigation, fuel efficient equipment and technology. Conserving energy, decreasing pollution, and taking advantage of your outdoor space, 

Distinctive Outdoor Designs

Clean lines, vibrant colors, simple shapes, and distinctive  designs promote a welcoming environment that makes people feel comfortable. No matter how big or small your property is, it is the first thing people see. Their first impression can make all the difference.

Water Conservation

Native plants and an efficient irrigation system not only make your landscaping look amazing, it will also save you money and require less maintenance. 

Multipurpose Properties

More commercial properties are targeting multiple demographics. Properties should be inviting and have a contemporary feel, attractive to all.

Energy Conservation

Landscaping can also be used to reduce energy consumption. Cooling significantly impacts the cost of electricity in Central Florida. Planting trees strategically can greatly reduce energy bills. Just by planting deciduous trees to shade west facing windows and walls in the afternoon and east facing surfaces in the morning can make a building feel cooler and more comfortable, while reducing air conditioning costs.

The fact is, landscape has a high return on investment.

Baker Commercial Landscaping is a leader in the industry, with the right equipment, great customer service and affordable, to make your property stand out from the rest, add enticing curb appeal and significantly add to the property value.