Tampa/Orlando Commercial Landscaper, Fall Annuals & Flower Beds

November 1, 2018

Fall is here! Though it may not feel like it in Central Florida. But soon the rainy afternoons will be fading into dryer months with a little chill in the air.  I’m sure we are all  ready to welcome in some cooler weather or at a little less hot and humid.

With the change in weather, it is important to remember our landscape 

When it comes to trees in the Fall they need a little extra attention. Trees in Florida don’t tend to lose all their leaves, instead they keep growing. It’s typically a good time to prune trees to keep them looking their best.

The team at Baker Commercial Landscape is well trained in the art of pruning and keeping your property attractive to customers and guests.

Is is also the perfect time to change up flower beds or add some color to business entrance and landscapes. Annuals really shine in cooler temps and can last through the new year. This change will help give your business front a fresh new look and brighten up your property.

It is important to remember to adjust irrigation throughout the year. Baker Commercial Landscaping makes sure the turf and plants get the right amount of hydration. Many aspects of your landscape will require less water in the fall and winter.

No matter what time of year it is one thing remains the same Baker Commercial Landscape is your go to for all your landscape needs. We offer several services from maintenance, irrigation, design, installation, fertilization, pest control and aquatic. Give us a call to see how we can help your property, landscape or business look its best.

This fall it is all about coleus and zinnias! We create an amazing design that draws the attention of potential clients and guests. Different combinations, colors, and variety, for an intriguing look that is all your own.

People tend to judge a business by its lanscaping. Does your lawn look green and well manicured? Is is free of leaves, debris, and trash? Are your walkways clear and uncluttered? Is your entrance well defined, is there seasonal color perennials or annuals to attract guests?

A well maintained property with beautiful landscaping can build a positive corporate image, make your business look more professional, credible, safe for your clients as well as employees, and a peaceful environment, this can be the advantage and deciding factor between your business and your competitors.

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