Tampa/Orlando Commercial Landscape, Free Property Evaluation

November 25, 2018

How can you keep your Tampa/Orlando Commercial Property in great shape all year long. While it may be getting cooler out and feel like the growing season is just about over, your property is still needs to stand out. After all, it is the welcome mat for your business. 

The easiest way is to contact the experts at Baker Commercial Landscaping. We can evaluate your landscape and offer a budget friendly renovation, fresh eye catching design, or new installations. 

Three essential winter maintenance for commercial properties 


It is also a great time to plant a few trees or shrubs, as well as festive annuals. The additional moisture in the soil, due to the cooler temperatures, makes it easier for plants to take root. 

Flowers and festive annuals create a positive atmosphere, happily greeting customers and making them feel welcome.

For a special visual impact, commercial property owners can use the company’s colors and logo with flowers and artful gardens. Problem areas such as construction spaces and unattractive utilities can easily be disguised with bushes and seasonal plants.


This is a great time to apply a fresh layer of mulch. Not only does it suppress weeds, reduce erosion, and retain moisture, it also acts like a blanket to keep the roots warm, protecting them on our cool winter nights.

Mulch is a quick way to improve the overall look of a property, giving it that professional quality.

The Power of Aesthetics Can Never be Ignored!

Everyone enjoys an attractive space, ensuring your business will attract new clients and keep existing ones. Potential clients will also notice the beautiful detail oriented landscaping and will translate that into the level of care they will receive at your facility.

At Baker Commercial Landscaping we focus our attention on the visual appearance, cost-effectiveness, design’s functionality, and environmental friendliness. Sustainable landscaping prevents water, air and soil pollution, while reducing waste.

Baker Commercial Landscaping has experienced crews and project managers that can help you create beautiful landscaping for your home and business. We are fully licensed and insured, our equipment is state of the art and well maintained by our in-house repair facility. Please complete our Free Quote request to make arrangements for a full property evaluation free of charge.