Tampa & Orlando Landscaping for a Lasting Impression

July 9, 2019

Every commercial property needs to have a lasting impression! That starts with the landscaping. We have all driven past a business and thought how nice it looks, a well kept lawn, beautiful flowers, healthy plants, they all send a welcoming message. 

Just like a property that isn’t maintained very well, dead splotches of grass, overgrown shrubs, plants that have seen better days, sends a very different message. One that makes customers and guests keep driving by. 

Maintaining the Greenery

A healthy green lawn, trimmed trees and shrubs, eye catching flowers, all tell a story about your business….Good or Bad.

It is also a matter of safety. Branches or shrubs impeding on walkways can be a hazard to guests. You definitely don’t want them interfering with your signage or power lines. 

Signage Upkeep

The last thing you want is for your business sign to be unassuming, where nobody notices it. Instead, your landscape should bring out your signage. Surrounded by eye catching flowers and plants. Those passing-by won’t be able to help themselves, they will be drawn to look at your sign. 

Highlighting Key Areas

Whether your property is small or large, you want guests and tenants to be able to navigate through during the day and night. Illuminated flower beds, trees, and signs, directing people and vehicles where to go.

The scorching temperatures this time of year means it is vital to keep the plants and turf well hydrated. 

A well maintained property also builds a positive corporate image, making your business look more professional, credible, and safe for your clients as well as employees. This can be the advantage and deciding factor between your business and your competitors.

Landscaping is an investment, setting a budget allows you to maximize the materials and give you the most bang for your buck. Baker Landscape will consult with you about the design, plants, flowers, trees, pavers and lights, to ensure your desires and needs will be met.

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