Tampa & Orlando Commercial Landscaper, A Beautiful Property Speaks Volumes

December 15, 2017

Safety is always a concern when assessing the landscape of any commercial property in Orlando and Tampa. The exterior of a  business must be safe as well as beautiful and inviting. With customers, employees and visitors coming and going each day, it is important to make a great impression with professional landscaping.

Regular Maintenance

Routine maintenance is a big park of an attractive landscape. Even in the cooler months the lawn needs attention, especially here in Central Florida. Keeping a regular schedule ensures is looks well manicured all the time. Unkempt grass can make your property look unattractive to guests, it can also be a hiding area for snakes and other creatures.

Trimming trees and shrubs that brush up against buildings can also deter creatures from making their homes so close to structures. Regular tree trimming can keep the risk of falling branches or limbs. Tree limbs can fall on bystanders, vehicles, and structures causing huge headaches for property owners. Neglected landscape can easily create a hazard that can lead to a huge liability.


Sidewalks are wonderful ways for guests and clients to travel safely around and about your business. They should be designed with efficiency in mind getting someone from point A to B quickly. Regular maintenance can help keep sidewalks clear of over growth where grass or weeds creep up. Reducing the number of pedestrians that trip or stumble. It is also important to monitor for buckling or unevenness and have it addressed right away.

Signs should also be kept free from branches or plants that can block them from eyesight. 


Ensuring that buildings or structures are properly illuminated is important for landscape safety. Lighting can give ambiance and make people feel comfortable walking around properties during the evening or night. Lights can deter the amount of accidents that occur when people’s vision is impaired. Break ins and robberies can be deterred with proper lighting, it can discourage criminals from making your property a target.

Landscape can make your business beautiful, eye catching and inviting but it is also a way to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and clients. Baker Commercial Landscape is ready to ensure your landscape is safe and looks amazing!

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