Tampa & Orlando Businesses; Landscaping For Social Distancing

September 1, 2020

Use landscaping to create social distancing and a safe outdoor space. As businesses begin to open, following the new guidelines, while enhancing their outdoor spaces to entice customers, tenants, and clients. 

Landscape ideas to promote safe distancing

Instead of unsightly strings, markings, or tape on walkways are not very attractive. Instead, planters can help visitors recognize safe distancing. Not only is it creative, it also helps people feel safe. 

Use landscape to enhance signage

We have all put up new signs to let everyone know about social distancing, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. Anchor plants and hanging planters can help illuminate important messages 

Establish natural walls

Climbing plants and trellises create natural walls and separating seating gives visitors a sense of privacy and safety. Potted plants can also create cubicle style partitions. Eye catching barriers with ornamental grasses and tall shrubs lets visitors know their boundaries.

A great way to add visual interest is with seasonal plants and flowers. The addition of fall colors can transform space and make it feel special. Updating planters and gardens will keep guests visually interested.

Make sure you include a shaded area so guests can escape Central Florida’s intense heat. Water features can also help cool things down and create a tranquil environment, while blocking out unwanted traffic noise.

A seamless transition from indoors to the outside sanctuary. Natural stone and concrete, along with planters and seating to 

Make the space functional and inviting

Safety never goes out of style. Maintaining walkways, trees, and shrubs are an easy way to beautify your property, it also reduces liability.

Attractive curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive!

It just takes an experienced landscape team to create that WOW factor. Baker Commercial Landscaping does just that! Contact us today and see how we can set your business apart from the rest!