Tampa Landscape Designs that WOWs Customers & Guests

February 22, 2019

Central Florida has a unique climate perfect for vacations and days in the sun, but it can also create some problems and difficulties while trying to keep your landscape looking great and last all year long. Sustainable landscaping avoids these problems and uses plants that thrive in this one of a kind environment.

It is also a more eco-friendly choice for businesses and properties. Baker Commercial Landscape strives to make your landscape healthy and eye catching. Schedule a consultation today!

Florida friendly landscape design doesn’t mean it has to be boring

Baker Landscape can deliver a WOW factor while providing substantial landscape. Let nature shine when you make native plants the star of your property. Beautiful flowering plants or tall trees that are found in the same area can really create a unique look, not the same as the other business around. A well-designed landscape can take any property to the next level. 

Beautiful, while attracting customers and guests, and save money

The technique of sustainability is great for many companies because it requires less maintenance, helping to cut utility costs. 

Besides selecting native plants their placement can also be focused to get the most out of them. By placing trees or shrubs in the right area, it can help to limit the amount of heat coming into a building. Placing them by already existing irrigation can help to reduce water cost as well as waste.

Also, many plants that originate in Florida are resistant to the weather that can sometimes be intense. From extreme sunshine to afternoon downpours, harsh winds and even more damaging conditions, it is hard for plants to survive. When choosing plants from the natural environment around the area the survival chance is better. By choosing sustainable landscape it is a choice for the long term. 

Make a wise investment and choose Baker Commercial Landscape