Tampa & Orlando; Keep Your Landscape Looking Great All Year Long

January 17, 2020

If you have a business or commercial property in Orlando, Tampa, and Brevard county, it is important to keep it looking beautiful all year long. While it may not snow, it can still get pretty cold. Your lawn, plants, and trees need special care. The last thing you want is for your grass to die and your plants to turn brown. What kind of message would that send to your visitors and guests?

Keep your landscape looking amazing all year round

The cold weather can be damaging to grass, it can become very dry and growth almost comes to a halt. If you need to mow during the winter, it is important not to trim it to much. The extra length helps maintain moisture and provides protection for the soil.

Orlando and Tampa are both known for their sandy soil, lacking important nutrients for beautiful lawns and blooming plants.

It is a wise investment to have the professionals at Baker Commercial Landscaping come in and apply fertilizer before it gets too cold. Trained and knowledgeable technicians will know exactly how to keep your grass protected against the damaging winter months.

Because the grass isn’t growing as fast as in the warmer months means it won’t need as much water, which means adjusting the irrigation system. Too much water when it’s cold outside can cause the soil to freeze and increase root rot and diseases. If you’re not sure, just contact Baker Commercial Landscaping to ensure your landscaping looks great all year round.

It is easy to get busy this time of year and forget about your landscaping, but it is important to take care of the lawn even in the winter months. Help From Professionals

Baker Commercial Landscaping has experienced crews and project managers that can help you create beautiful landscaping for your home and business. We are fully licensed and insured, our equipment is state of the art and well maintained by our in-house repair facility. We focus our attention on the visual appearance, cost-effectiveness, design’s functionality, and environmental friendliness. Sustainable landscaping prevents water, air and soil pollution, while reducing waste.

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