Tampa & Orlando Commercial Landscaping; First Impressions Mean Everything

October 10, 2020

The appearance of your Orlando or Tampa commercial property says a lot about your business. You want it to look great without breaking the budget. A tenant driving into their apartment complex doesn’t want to see brown spots on the lawn, weeds, and overgrown shrubs. Instead, they want to see a cheerful flowers, manicured lawn, and  neatly trimmed trees. 

First impressions mean everything when you’re trying to attract new tenants. Don’t worry, eye catching curb appeal can be easy on the budget. 

Understanding the Newest Trends

Landscaping today means much more than just simply mowing the yard or trimming a tree. Baker Commercial Landscaping is dedicated to keeping up not only with the latest trends but also the newest standards of environmental protection.

Unique Landscaping Challenges for Apartment Complexes

Incorporating features to invite new renters and keeping current residence happy is key.

Entrances must look clean and inviting
Flowers and plants can add beauty and color
Landscaping can provide security
Create and ensure walkways are safe

People tend to judge a book by its cover.

Does your lawn look green and well manicured? Is is free of leaves, debris, and trash?

Are your walkways clear and uncluttered? Is your entrance well defined, is there seasonal color perennials or annuals to attract guests?

Impacting the Bottom Line for Retail and Commercial Landscaping

Making your property more enticing, appealing and comfortable will attract customers. Ensuring your retail building or shopping center looks beautiful, clean and competitive will go a long way to impress customers.

Well placed plants to draw attention to the entrance, signage, and to separate parking area
Landscape bushes to reduce noise and unattractive sights
Walkways well maintained to add safety and security
Proper irrigation, weed control, and efficient drainage
Removal of dead or diseased branches, shrubs and trees
Effective and non-dangerous pest control and fertilizer

Entice your guests and tenants by adding beautiful focal points to your property. People are more likely to be repeat customers if they feel welcomed and attracted to the environment. Bright, beautiful color plants make for a great curb appeal. What ever you do, don’t let trees or shrubs block your sign or front walkway, if guests can’t see you they surely drive right by.

The first step to a beautiful, enticing property is to contact Baker Commercial Landscaping.

Landscaping can speak volumes about your business, it’s the first thing customers and guests notice, make sure it is a good impression. Baker Commercial Landscaping understands that property owners have made a significant investment of time and money in the properties we service. For that reason, we are dedicated to making them look their best with a custom plan for each individual property at an affordable price.

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