Tampa & Orlando Landscaper; Because Curb Appeal Matters!

January 26, 2020

Whether you are in Orlando, Tampa, or Brevard, is your commercial landscape ready for 2020? Now is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at your landscaping, what is attracting guests and what is making them drive right by your business.

There are many options when it comes to landscaping. Choosing something that makes your business stand out from the rest, while incorporating your brand should be a priority. Give your guests and clients something to remember.

Bold and Bright

Instead of pairing plants with similar colors, 2020 will position opposite colors together to really grab the attention of patrons. Installing complimentary colors such as purple flowers next to yellow, has tons of curb appeal.

Seasonally Versatile

Easily transforming cheerful seasonal elements into dull or unappealingĀ spaces, a festive holiday winter landscape, a fun fall atmosphere, vibrant spring, and attractive summer components, will attract and keep the interest of guests.


If your business is modern and innovative, you want the landscaping to reflex that with clean lines and stacked layers. A new modern design to fit a contemporary brand and building with glass and steel.

Eco-Friendly Design

It is especially important here in Central Florida to think about the impact the landscaping is making on our environment. Efficient irrigation system, less pesticides and fertilizers, and native plants. Not only are native plants more sustainable, they are also cost effective, they require less water and maintenance. IncorporatingĀ eco-friendly aquatic treatments to enhance the beauty of nature while at the same time controlling the many invasive weed species that occupy our Florida waterways.

Your landscaping either attracts customers or keeps them driving by your business. Let Baker Commercial Landscaping win over your guests with an enticing welcome mat with your landscaping.