Tampa & Orlando Landscape; Affordable Irrigation Upgrades and Retrofits

August 9, 2019

Irrigation systems are a necessity for Central Florida’s commercial landscapes. It is what keeps Orlando and Tampa businesses looking their best. Whether it is a new installation, you want to make your current system more efficient, or you want to take your landscaping to the next level with cost efficient upgrades, Baker Commercial Landscaping can help you every step of the way.

The Environmental Protection Agency encourages us to spruce up our sprinkler system 

landInspect. Check your system for clogged, broken or missing sprinkler heads. Better yet, go with a pro.

Connect. Examine points where the sprinkler heads connect to pipes or hoses. If water pools in your landscape or you have large wet areas, you could have a leak in your system. A leak about as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen (or 1/32nd of an inch) can waste about 6,300 gallons of water per month!

Direct. Make sure to direct your sprinklers so that they apply water only to the landscape—not the driveway, house, or sidewalk.

Select. An improperly scheduled irrigation controller can waste water and money. Update your system’s watering schedule to align with the seasons.

What are the Options and Benefits of Irrigation Upgrades

Incorporating simple and affordable irrigation upgrades such as, rain shutoff devices, soil moisture sensors, and smart controllers, can keep your property looking its best.

Especially helpful in the rainy season, soil monitor sensors calculate the moisture in the soil to keep your system from over watering. While, rain shutoff devices keep the system from watering during the rain.

Weather based smart controllers use various sensors to measure wind, humidity, solar radiation, precipitation and other factors to determine when to water the landscaping. They can be easily programmed and save up to 70 percent in water usage.

Providing plants and grass with proper watering can be tricky, these upgrades are cost efficient, help conserve water and help keep your landscaping looking its best all year long.

Too much water can be just as detrimental as not enough. Under watering lawns can cause for trouble in hot weather, but over watering is just as dangerous.

Too much water also produces a great environment for fungus and disease to grow and spread, and that only means trouble for your yard. The depth of water is just as important as the amount. Frequent shallow watering encourages weed germination and make grass roots shallow. It is important to make sure that water penetrates the root zone.

Timing is also important when striving for a beautiful healthy landscape. Early in the morning is the ideal time to water. There is less wind and less heat from the sun.

Proper irrigation is vital for a great looking lawn and landscape. Baker Commercial Landscape has over forty years of irrigation experience. We are sure to deliver the best system for your property’s needs.