Smart Landscape Irrigation is Saving Orlando/Tampa Businesses Money

March 25, 2018

Irrigation is a necessity this time of year for commercial landscapes throughout Orlando and Tampa, but it can also drain the budget!

An effective irrigation system protects your investment

Your irrigation system is responsible for distributing water to your plants, promoting the vitality and health of your landscape. Take it from our extensive experience at Baker Commercial Landscape, it is much more cost effective to take care of and properly water your plants than to replace them.

Let’s face it, dull, wilted, and dying plants are not attractive. Just think about what is saying to your guests and visitors.

An irrigation system that is operating efficiently should be promoting the health of your plants, conserving water, preventing improper watering, and should not be draining the budget.

How do you know if your irrigation system is operating efficiently?

Smart Irrigation Controller

Modern technology has made it easy for landscape to look its best. Smart controllers practically do everything for you, with rain shutoff soil and moisture sensors, to deliver moisture only when the plants need it.

Updated Spray Heads

Older spray heads can waste water and be a hazard to guests and pedestrians. New updated spay heads have efficient rotary heads with various configurations and drip nozzles, for more effective irrigation.

Over Watering and Wasted Water

Your landscape is continuously growing, evolving over time, and your irrigation system should be modified accordingly. Established landscape may not need as much water as young plants. Conserving water and reducing your footprint. You should never see puddling or pools of water.

High Return on your investment

Whether you need new efficiently designed irrigation system or simple renovation, Baker Commercial Landscape is here to help you save on your budget and conserve water. Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping today!

Irrigation is a crucial part of your landscape maintenance and with today’s demands on water conservation, it is more important than ever that your system runs as efficiently as possible. Our irrigation fleet is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assist with maintenance and repairs at the time we provide our comprehensive periodic system maintenance checks.