Save Money on Your Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping

December 10, 2019

The warm climate here in Orlando and Tampa means a extended growing season. This means more landscape maintenance, which has an impact on the budget. But there is a way to have a beautiful landscape that attracts customers, clients, and tenants, without breaking the bank. 

Money Saving Landscape Solutions 


Upgraded Irrigation System To Reduce Water Costs

SprinklersEnvironmentally sustainable irrigation systems can drastically improve the budget, you would be surprised to find out just how much water cost. New smart components and strategic placement, reduces water consumption, precise watering ensures a beautiful landscape. 

Irrigation is a crucial part of your landscape maintenance and with today’s demands on water conservation, it is more important than ever that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

Baker’s irrigation fleet is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assist with maintenance and repairs at the time we provide our comprehensive periodic system maintenance checks.

Fertilizing to Keep Turf Healthy

Healthy green grass speaks volumes about a commercial property, so does brown or dead grass. Regular maintenance and fertilization ensures a lush turf throughout the year. It also reduces devastating diseases or invasive insects. It cost significantly less than having to replace the grass.

Regular Tree Maintenance

A healthier tree not only looks better, ultimately it can save money on the budget. If a tree is not properly maintained, they can more easily succumb to winds and storms, more likely to have broken limbs and cause damage to property and people.

Future Cost of Landscape Management

Routine maintenance means less unexpected costs during the year. A comprehensive landscape plan means there is room in the budget for seasonal plantings and any improvements. 

Commercial properties throughout Central Florida, Orlando and Tampa, rely on Baker Landscaping for all their landscape needs. They have peace of mind their property will look attractive all year long without consuming the budget. 

Serving Central Florida since 1991, Baker Commercial Landscaping provides a complete landscape solution for property owners and managers eliminating the need for multiple contractors.  We have a “Can Do” attitude that sets us apart from other landscape companies.

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