Orlando/Tampa Landscaper, Curb Appeal That Makes a Difference!

December 22, 2017

Maintaining curb appeal for your commercial landscape shouldn’t have to be expensive or take up a ton of your time. Whether it is for attracting guests, new clients, or prospective clients, property management is about understanding the importance of first impressions.

There are several opportunities this time of year to maximize your budget.

Turf Renovations

Healthy grass will naturally look amazing while needing less pesticides, fertilizer and water. Turf renovations can include replacing dead sod, seeding, topdressing, and aeration.

Irrigation Renovations and Audits

The fact is, water cost money. Reducing the amount of water used for irrigation can significantly reduce your utility bill. Adjusting or replacing irrigation components minimize inefficient water usage and ensures your lawn looks great!


Mulching is another way to reduce water usage, while decreasing the cost of replacing plants. But best of all it’s he best bang for your buck when it comes to increasing curb appeal.

Improve Your Signage

Instead of replacing your signage, which can be very expensive, consider renovating an outdated sign with a pop of color. Beautiful annuals are a great way to update your sign, which is key to marketing.

Replacing Plants

Replacing large or overgrown plants with smaller and native varieties can give your property a fresh, clean look, that is easy to maintain.

Adding Seasonal Color

You may not think of your landscaping as a marketing tool, but adding seasonal curb appeal is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. You would be surprised just how many customers and guests it brings to the door.

Ongoing Maintenance

Not only does ongoing maintenance allow your property to look attractive all year round, it ends up being less expensive than having to replace plants and address issues after they have become big problems.

Quality landscape design and management doesn’t have to be expensive to beautify your property.

At Baker Commercial Landscaping we understands that property owners have made a significant investment of time and money in the properties we service.  For that reason, we are dedicated to make them look their best with a custom plan for each individual property. Our fleet of trucks with specially trained team members ensures that your property will be maintained to the highest quality.

Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping and get started on the curb appeal that makes a difference!