Orlando/Tampa Landscape Renovations, Affordable Solutions

January 2, 2019

For Orlando, Brevard and Tampa areas commercial businesses, the New Year is the time to get your landscape in shape for the upcoming season. 

A great way to start your landscape resolutions is with a fresh modern landscape design. Set goals, commit to a plan, get help from professionals, and find the value in marketing your landscape. 

Start by Setting Goals

1Just like you set your own goals for the New Year, such as going to the gym or getting into shape, incorporate a few into your commercial landscape. start by taking a good look at how your landscaping looks to someone seeing it for the first time. Walk around and look for distressed or bare patches of grass, trees that need pruning, does the entrance way look attractive and inviting?

If you need help with a design plan the professionals a Baker Commercial Landscaping can help.

Commit to a Plan

Just like your New Year health resolutions need to encompass more than just going to the gym a couple of times a week, the plans for your landscaping needs to address all the components of your property such as mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, tree trimming, aquatic services and pest control for a healthy environment.

Help from Professionals

A professional trainer can help you accomplish your physical fitness goals, a professional landscaper can get your property in shape for the new year and ensure you make a good first impression for all your guests and customers.

Economic Value

Baker Commercial Landscaping customize the design, maintenance, irrigation, landscape, and tree care to fit the clients needs, this results in a healthier, beautiful property, as well as a lower landscaping budget.

Professional landscaping increases resale value of property by 14%, according to the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association. Beautiful landscaping can also give credibility to a businesses profile, create a positive image, and attract customers and clients.

The benefits of professional landscaping for Orlando and Tampa commercial property owners and managers, as well as residential homes, are numerous. From reducing your landscaping budget, adding value, making a great first impression and creating a beautiful, inviting environment, investing in your property with Baker Commercial Landscaping is a smart investment!

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