Orlando/Tampa; Landscape Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune To Look Good

September 9, 2020

Times have been difficult for many Orlando and Tampa businesses. Many have had to tighten the budget, which often means landscape can get put on the back burner.  I mean, how often does the lawn need to be mowed anyway. 

Here are some great commercial landscape tips to help the budget

Be Strategic 

Curb appeal says a lot about your business, neglecting it can be a big mistake. Cutting your landscape budget can mean your customers and clients may drive right by to a competitors eye catching property. Brown, weedy grass and overgrown plants is not attractive. 

Cutting back on the landscape budget now can end costing more in the long run. Ignoring your lawn, shrubs, and plants can make your property look neglected. 

The Power of Flowers

What’s the first thing people notice as they drive pass your property?  Everyone is attracted to beautiful colored flowers, they make a cheerful welcome. 

Xeriscaping and Native Plants 

If you are looking for a significant cost savings, using native plants and xeriscaping is a great option. Native plants don’t need as much care or maintenance. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty.  It just means trading in the landscape that need lots of maintenance, water, chemicals, and fertilizers, for an easier, more affordable alternative.

Incorporating water saving ground cover such as sunshine mimosa (mimosa strigillosa) or frog fruit (Phyla nodiflora), require less water, pesticides, and fertilization, while still looking attractive and maintains that neat and tidy look with little maintenance.

In the long run a commercial property with Florida Friendly plants and trees can have a landscape that attracts customers and guests, without costing an arm and a leg.

“Landscape companies, builders and developers are embracing low-impact landscaping and finding that it’s good for the environment and good for business,” Florida Yards, The Smart Way To Grow

A beautiful landscape can be one of the greatest assets for a commercial business. Whether you are in the Orlando, Tampa, or Brevard area, if you are interested in adding curb appeal to your property, contact Baker Commercial Landscaping for a free quote.