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September 24, 2018

Central Florida is no stranger to Hurricanes and this year’s season is far from over. With storm’s brewing to our east, it’s important to ask if your landscape is prepared? Baker Commercial Landscape can help to prepare and protect your property from threatening weather. Everyone is quick to stock up on water and food in preparation, but don’t forget about your landscape and business fronts.

Flying Debris is a major concern during windy storms. Often things like sticks and branches that have been left on the ground go unnoticed and during high winds, they can be picked up and thrown through windows, cars, or other structures.

Baker can help prevent damage with our regular maintenance services to ensure debris is picked up and properly removed. Another possible precaution to consider is switching gravel out for mulch in plant beds so that gravel doesn’t become projectiles.

Trees should be regularly trimmed to prevent damaging the tree and other property when a storm hits. The trimming of dead, damaged, or diseased limbs will help eliminate them falling during a storm. This removal of limbs can help avoid them crashing down on power lines close to your business. Another hazard of living in Florida is Palm Trees, they have the added aspect of having large seeds, coconuts, and husks that easily fall. It is important to give them some extra attention when preparing.

Being careful not to damage trees while trimming is vital. Cutting off the tops of a tree canopy can make it unsafe during bad weather which is just what you are trying to avoid. Do not trim more than twenty-five percent of leaves. Baker can ensure your trees are not just trimmed but properly cared for to give you beautiful, healthy trees that last not just through hurricane season but for many years.

Be prepared for whatever this Hurricane Season may bring with some help from Baker Commercial Landscape. We offer a multitude of services that can benefit your landscape during hurricane season, winter, summer and all year long.

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