Orlando/Tampa Cost Effective Sustainable Landscape Designs

July 2, 2018

The sustainability of a commercial landscape in the Orlando or Tampa area can make a huge difference.  The ability to use minimal recourses, energy, water, and nutrients while maintaining an ecological balance. It can also end up saving you money while incorporating beautiful curb appeal.

It Is Easier Than You Think To Take The First Step Towards Being Sustainable

Make a big impact with small changes

Sustainable projects can have a big impact without a high cost. For instance, updating an irrigation system can conserve and reduce water, while saving significantly on the utility bill. Smart controllers, efficient irrigation heads, and flow sensors, to reduce waste and costs.

A strategic landscape design will harness stormwater. Reintroducing it back into the landscape with eye catching trenches filled with beautiful vegetation and rain gardens.

Cultivate the current environment

Established plants and trees don’t always need to be removed. Properly maintained trees not only add value and safety to your property, they promote sustainability by reducing carbon dioxide.

Nurturing and pruning existing plants can enable them to flourish and maintaining an ecological balance.

Reduce a carbon footprint with plants

Choosing drought tolerant and native plants based on the region’s climate, goes a long way in a sustainable strategy. Promoting the ecosystem by sequestering carbon dioxide, attracting beneficial insects, and wildlife.

Recycle and Reduce landscape waste

Composting yard waste and incorporating mulch into the landscape will insulates plant and tree roots, retain moisture, which means they will need less water, and provides protection during extreme weather.

Eco-friendly features

Whether you have a large property or limited outdoor space, an eco-friendly landscape design is an investment for both the environment and your business.  Attracting clients, tenants and customers, while contributing to a healthier environment.

Baker Commercial Landscaping does more than mow the grass and trim trees, we provide a complete landscaping solution for lasting curb appeal.

Vital components include seasonal plantings, sod, pruning, irrigation, mulching, fertilizing, maintenance, pest and weed control, and aquatic services. Our attention to details will be noticed by your guests.

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