Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping That Makes An Impact

April 16, 2020

In just a couple of weeks life will start coming back normal and you want to be ready! Landscape is a priority for commercial businesses, hotels, and HOAs. That first visual impression speaks volumes. It should be welcoming and beautiful.

Even though your patrons, guests, and residents don’t verbally say anything about the landscape, it makes a big impact. Baker Commercial Landscaping has the experience to help boost your traffic and sales.

Greet Your Guests With Beautiful Greenery And Color 

Every business should lay down a welcome mat. Even small spaces can influence how people feel. Attractive green lawn and vibrant plants and flowers or planters lining the walkway.  Your guests will feel a sense of comfort, safety, and happiness before they even walk through the doors. 

Outdoor Seating Is Fun and Relaxing

Outdoor seating or benches under a tree, is a great way to make someone feel welcome. Add a rock garden, garden, trees for shade, climbing vines to create walls, and hanging baskets, all create a great experience.

Seasonal Selections

Planting seasonal flowers is an exciting way to change things up. Creating the perfect environment and keep guests coming back. 

Improve Your Signage and Visibility

Let’s face it, there is nothing welcoming about brown grass, dying or overgrown plants. Make heads turn with bold, bright colors. Beautiful vivid flowers and textured plants are an easy way to make your signage pop.

Don’t Forget The Importance of Maintenance

Shrubs and trees grow quickly in our tropical environment, they can easily get out of control. Proper maintenance is key to the curb appeal of your property. Overgrown plants can make your property look worn out. Branches can easily block visibility and encroach on walkways, making them a liability. A great design and routine maintenance can make all the difference.

You Never Get a Second Chance To Make a First Impression

Take a good look at your front entrance. Does it look appealing? Is it well kept? Does it make a good impression? Does it have an eye catching design? Does your landscape look just like every other property? Isn’t it time to make your business stand out? Partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping can give your business the edge it needs.

Make sure your landscape shines, we will create a design that fits your budget and looks amazing.