Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping, Make A Good First Impression

September 23, 2017

A well maintained landscape is an investment that speaks volumes about your Orlando or Tampa business. All the heat, rain, and storms this summer has probably taken a toll on your property. So, as we welcome in the cooler weather, this is the time to make your landscape shine.

To create that amazing property that draws the attention of those driving by and welcomes in guest, you need a plan!

Plan of Attack

This is where experience matters! Whether you hire an experienced landscaper for the design and initial setup, or to update your existing landscape, their knowledge is worth the investment. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune or be extravagant, it is worth the investment.

The Big Picture

Professional design, colors, and plant placement will compliment your commercial business and give it  that finished look. Enhancing your property and inviting customers.

Inspiring Designs

Incorporating native plants and grasses not only add to the beauty of your property, it makes maintenance a breeze. They are they easier to take care of and still look amazing, they need less watering and fertilizing, which is a huge bonus!

Put Out the Welcome Mat

It’s the first thing guests notice, make it a good impression! There is nothing worse than walking up to a business and seeing an unmaintained landscaping.  A few plants planted here and there, some looking half dead, big brown spots in the turf, trees that haven’t been trimmed, and just an overall messy feel.  That’s not such a good impression, but it sticks in the mind of the guests as they walk into your business and stays with them throughout their stay.

Or, imagine walking up to a business and seeing healthy green grass, beautiful, colorful flowers, trimmed trees, and a happy feeling because it just overall attractive and beautiful. That’s what you want your customers to feel as they walk through your doors.

Landscaping speaks volumes about your commercial business. Baker Commercial Landscaping is a full service company. We are committed to having award winning designs and installation, with unparalleled quality and customer service.

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