Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping for 2019

December 17, 2018

Start 2019 by accomplishing everything on your New Year’s Resolution List! From eating healthier to meeting financial goals your list can be long or just a few, but it is important to remember your landscape resolutions too! 

Take a look around your current landscape and see what you want improved or renovated. While doing this it is important to keep in mind how your business looks to current clients, potential clients and the public in general.

Baker Commercial Landscape can give you some great advice from our experienced technicians and even offer a free quote. 

Is the entrance to your property inviting, over cluttered entry ways can give people an uneasy feeling and lead them to avoid your business all together.

Overgrown trees and shrubs not only deter people, but also pose safety concerns.

Plants that have not been pruned can look unkempt and unorganized.

A healthy landscape looks professional and can win over potential customers. 

Once you have made an assessment of what changes you made, its time to take action. To create a landscape, you will want everyone to see it is important to make sure all the components are met.

Those include fertilizing to ensure plants and lawns have all the right nutrients they need.

Irrigation is also important. Make sure already existing irrigation works properly or installing a new system can help keep your landscape hydrated and looking great all year round.

Tree trimming and mowing are part of regular maintenance.

It is also important to stay ahead of pests with proper control.

If your property has any water features like ponds there should be regular aquatic services.

Baker Commercial has all of these services along with years of experience in Orlando and Tampa. Your Landscape for the New Year is within reach. Give us a call at Baker Commercial Landscape for your free quote today!