Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscaping; Aquatic Service

June 16, 2019

If you have a pond, storm water or retention basin on your Orlando or Tampa property, it is important to keep them properly maintained to ensure they are working properly.  The goal of a pond of any kind is to collect runoff and rain water, then slowly release it at an easy rate, so to prevent erosion or flooding. 

Baker Aquatic Services strives to deliver eco-friendly treatments to enhance the beauty of nature while at the same time controlling the many invasive weed species that occupy our Florida waterways.

The perfectly timed treatments provide optimal results so re-treatments are kept to a minimum. You can rest assured that every treatment is made with our ecosystem in mind.

Maintenance is Important

Leaving a pond, retention basin, runoff or stormwater pool on its own is a recipe for disaster. 


While the plants and grass around the body of water assist in filtering pollutants, if not mowed and inspected regularly, the pond can be compromised. Water can easily become obstructed by debris, holes can be created by erosion or animals, and invasive plants can take over and cause havoc. 

Control Erosion 

Often times with a pond or body of water, slopes tend to determine where the water flows, washing sediment into the water and causing erosion, affecting the quality of water. Soil may need to be brought in to reduce erosion. 

As sediment builds up, weeds and grass take root and grow, resulting in an unattractive look that discourage guests and tenants. 

Proper maintenance of a pond and mowing near a body of water takes specific equipment and should be left up to professionals. 

Our focus at Baker Commercial Landscaping, is to ensure the body of water on your property is healthy and looks good. We specialize in mixed use sites, offices, retail, restaurants, attractions, municipalities, and HOA’s. We would love to include you in our extensive list of happy clients!