Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscape; What Do Your Visitors See First?

January 9, 2020

We’ve heard it over and over, but first impressions really does make all the difference. Which is why so many businesses are putting so much effort into creating a landscape with a memorable impression.

Start by taking a step back and taking a good look at your property. Imagine the perspective from a visitor seeing your landscape for the first time. How good is this impression? Is it great or just ok, or needs work? What type of improvements could make it better?

1Company Signage 

Let’s face it, everyone looks at signs. Whether they are just driving by or entering your property. Your company sign should be easy to see. If it is obstructed with overgrown shrubs, trees, or even weeds, not only is it difficult to find your business, it definitely does not leave a good impression. Often times, if the landscape looks unkempt, most people will drive right by. 

Trees and Lawn 

Visitors can’t help but notice the trees and lawn in your landscape. Especially, if the grass is not maintained, unsightly weeds, obviously hasn’t been mowed in a long time, or has brown or dying spots. Overgrown trees can even be a safety hazard. Low hanging limbs and branches at risk of breaking, can leave you liable for damage or injuries. 

Lawns should be attractive, lush green and without weeds. Trees should have an attractive shape and be properly pruned. 

Seasonal color 

Today’s consumers are expecting something a little more. Beautiful seasonal color and gardens create that positive first impression. A landscape becomes alive with a pop of seasonal color. Drawing in the eyes of those passing-by. Container plants strategically placed near doorways and entrances to create a welcoming feel that keeps guests coming back. 

The New Year is a good time for commercial business owners and property managers to take a good look at how their landscape looks. Does it match the image you want potential customers, guests and employees to see? If not, it is time to contact Baker Commercial Landscaping.