Orlando/Tampa Commercial Landscape Management

August 1, 2018

While your guest may not be coming to your establishment for the landscaping, it is the first impression they have of your business. Which is why it is important for it to be welcoming and beautiful.

They may not say anything, but guests and visitors are making a mental note that keeps them coming back.

Simple landscape improvements can go a long way

Greet your guests with beauty, from your signage by the street to the front door, it should feel welcoming and make your business stand out.

Beautiful flowers can really make a sign get noticed and make patrons feel happy and excited about driving into the parking lot.

Even if your outdoor space is small, there is always room for some planters, hanging baskets, and even some seating.

Outdoor patios should make guests feel at ease

Our tropical weather makes outdoor patios a year round favorite. Bringing in a few trees can help cool things down, provide natural shade and privacy.

Hanging baskets with colorful flowers and plants really adds to a welcoming ambiance. Everyone loves gardens, whether it is filled with fresh herbs, succulents, flowers, or even rocks.

Climbing plants or vines are a great way to brighten up an otherwise boring wall.

Trellises are the perfect way to add green into a space. It can be a focal point for a door or patio. It is a creative way to add space where guests can keep cool.

A great way to add visual interest is with seasonal plants and flowers. The addition of fall colors can transform space and make it feel special. Updating planters and gardens will keep guests visually interested.

Quality Landscape is an Asset to Your Business With High Return on Investment

Baker Commercial Landscape tailors each landscape design to match your specific needs. We understand our tropical environment and ecosystem for a long term assessment plan that is easy on the budget.

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