Orlando/Tampa Businesses: Cost Effective Commercial Landscape

June 9, 2019

Amazing curb doesn’t have to break the bank! Cost effective landscaping is easier than you think with an efficient design and careful planning. Baker Commercial Landscape has helped hundreds of businesses across Central Florida have a beautiful property without the high cost often associated with it.

How Can You Reduce Your Landscape Expenses 

Selecting the right native plants

Native plants don’t have to be boring! Choosing the right plants can save you water, time, energy, and still make your property look amazing. Streamlining your maintenance, while still having head turning curb appeal.

Water wise irrigation 

Irrigation can take up a big part of the budget. Beautiful ground cover, native plants, and shrubs that can flourish on minimal water. Installing evapotranspiration based controllers, and high efficiency heads to meet your property’s unique requirements. 

A professionally installed irrigation system can cut water costs as much as 20 percent by sensing the moisture level in the soil.

It can also save you the cost of replacing damaged trees, plants and grass due too much water, especially during Florida’s torrential downpours.

Invest in trees

Trees are great for the environment, and add beauty and definition to any property. When properly planted, 15 to 20 feet away from a building, on the south and west sides of the businesses, they can provide enough shade from the hot Florida sun to dramatically reduce your electric bill. Strategically placed trees can provide shade for the air conditioner, keeping the unit cool, in turn, it won’t have to work so hard, use less energy and have a longer life expectancy.

An energy efficient landscape design can save your business money, Baker Commercial Landscaping specializes in energy conservation landscaping. We pride ourselves in delivering exactly what our clients are looking an fits the budget.

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