Orlando/Tampa Business Landscaping, Eye Catching Designs

August 27, 2018

Business owners and property managers improve their landscape in hopes of attracting customers and guests. They may consider installing new grass, trees, or shrubs, but to make a great impression, beautiful flowers are definitely worth the investment!

Curb Appeal is Dramatically Increased

The great textures and stunning colors that seasonal plants bring to a property is the ultimate curb appeal. Making a huge impact no matter what size property you have. For the value seasonal flowers bring, it is an investment you can’t pass up.

Conceal any Blemishes

Plants and flowers can help hide an area on the property that might not be so attractive. Such as air conditioning units, utility boxes, or paint discoloration. Engaging flowers planted as a focal point nearby or directly in front of the less attractive area, can make them practically disappear.

Create Visual Interest and a Welcoming Environment

Beautiful and vibrant flowers are the ultimate welcome mat. Who doesn’t love flowers, along walkways, near the entrance, and sitting areas. They make guests feel happy and relaxed.

Making areas visually attractive and creating focal points around the entrance, signage, street corners, shared facilities, and parking areas, with pops of vibrant colors, textures, and a variety of plants, are sure to catch the attention of potential guests.

Here in Central Florida, there isn’t an off season. Color is one of the best and cost effective ways to enhance your property.

A big impact, that can be easily changed out for the seasons, for that important WOW factor all year long.

Baker Commercial Landscaping is a leader in the industry, with the right equipment, great customer service and affordable, to make your property stand out from the rest, add enticing curb appeal and significantly add to the property value.

Baker Commercial Landscaping offers a full selection of landscape services in the Orlando and Tampa areas for both commercial, office parks, retail centers, complexes and residential properties.

Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping today to make a beautiful visual impact on your property!