Orlando/Tampa Area Commercial Landscaping, New Design, Installation, Maintenance

January 18, 2019

Does your Orlando or Tampa business, complex, or HOA  need a commercial landscape management?  You want your property to stand out and attract customers and clients, but can landscape really do that much? 

The answer is Yes! There are several reasons why a business should hire a commercial landscaper. 


A commercial landscaper does more than just mow the lawn. A new landscape design and installation will not only add beauty and value to your property, but also provide a lasting first impression. Expertise is what makes all the difference, knowing what plants will grow with your type of soil, color combinations, what shrubs and trees will all value to your property. 

The team at Baker Commercial Landscaping will work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that fits the property and your budget.

Our decades of experience and use of the latest technology, allows us to create beautiful landscape designs, custom made to enhance the appearance of your property, whether it is a small residential installation, new construction or a commercial site.


You want the beauty of your landscape to last, more that just a few months. A Florida friendly landscapes are responsive to the environment. Designed with an ecological responsibility,  using native plants, efficient irrigation, environmentally friendly fertilization, pest control, and aquatic services. 


A positive first impression starts with a good landscape design that is not only eye catching, but has safety in mind. An outdated irrigation system with protruding spray heads, branches impeding on walkways, trees that need pruning, can lead to unsafe conditions for both guests and employees.

Baker Commercial Landscaping allows you to save time and money, while still having great curb appeal! 

At Baker Commercial Landscaping we are dedicated to making properties look their best with a custom plan for each individual property that has safety, energy efficiency and budget in mind. We will assess your property and suggest some value focused ideas that suit your budget.

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