Orlando/Tampa Aquatic Services, Eco-Friendly Treatments to Enhance Beauty

April 9, 2018

Whether you have a pond, lake retention pond, or lagoon on your Central Florida or Tampa property, water management is a must.

The proper plants and vegetation around the aquatic system will not only keep pollution, chemicals, and herbicide runoff from entering the water, it can also protect against erosion and add aesthetic value. Native plants and grass both do well in this type of environment. Installing these plants is most successful during the spring season.

It is also important to properly mow and have routine maintenance of the grass, soil, and plants around the aquatic system, preventing the soil from  becoming compacted, leading to an overflow situation during the rainy season. By aerating the turf you can help the ground absorb water better.

Partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping will ensure your aquatic system meets the county’s and city’s codes and requirements, while enhancing the beauty and attracting clients and guests.

Baker Aquatic Services strives to deliver eco-friendly treatments to enhance the beauty of nature while at the same time controlling the many invasive weed species that occupy our Florida waterways. The perfectly timed treatments provide optimal results so re-treatments are kept to a minimum. You can rest assured that every treatment is made with our ecosystem in mind.

Baker Commercial Landscaping is a trusted leader in the industry, providing a complete economical landscaping solution for business property owners and managers.

Baker Commercial Landscape is your go to for all your outdoor landscape needs.

We deliver impeccable landscape sure to impress. Choose any or all of our amazing services, design and installation team, fertilization, tree care, maintenance, pest and weed management, you will not be disappointed.

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