Orlando/Tampa: Affordable Landscape Designs That Will Turn Heads!

March 9, 2019

Now is the perfect time to make some improvements on your commercial property in Orlando and Tampa. Rejuvenating your landscape is easier than you think, it can add that something special, while attracting customers and guests.

Essential Landscape Maintenance to Prepare Your Business for Spring


One of the basics of a great landscaping, but after a long winter it, can start to look unattractive. Mulch has many benefits, suppressing weeds, fights erosion, retains moisture, and helps the plant roots stay cool in our intense heat. 

Mulch not only reduces routine maintenance, it significantly improves the aesthetics of your property. It adds that professional look and feel. 

New Planting 

Spring is the best time for planting new flowers, trees, and shrubs. The environment is more advantages for plants to take root. The additional colorful annuals add curb appeal that can’t be matched. 


Hardscape rejuvenate a worn out property. They bring usefulness and functionality to the landscape by defining borders and draw visitors into your business. They encourage people to walk on a preferred path, add depth with retaining walls, texture with rock formations, and fountains create visual interest. Hardscapes can also improve the safety and visibility of your business.

Does Your Property Have a Lasting Impression?

It is a very competitive market, take a step back and take a good look at your landscape. Is it sending the message you want it to? Do you want to make it more attractive? Does it need more curb appeal with bright colors and beautiful flowers? Will enhance your signage and entrance making it easier to find?

Want Your Property to Turn Heads?

Baker Commercial Landscape will be happy to evaluate your property and make the external appearance shine! Our experienced design team will create a plan that is sure to impress!