Orlando & Tampa Landscaper, Budget & Eco-Friendly Holiday Solutions

December 8, 2017

Don’t underestimate your company’s exterior look, make the right choice when choosing a landscape company. Baker Commercial Landscaping has served Central Florida, Tampa and Orlando, since 1991 and offer eco-friendly solutions for all your landscaping needs.

free pixabay 17702_1920Showcase your landscape with holiday cheer. Creating a magical ambiance filled with a holiday feel can attract more customers and guests to your business and a delightful workspace for your employees.

Studies show people choose to spend time in festive environments during the holidays. A happy environment filled with cheerful plants with colorful holiday flowers. Making your guests and employees in a happy mood.

You just have one chance to create a great first impression, make sure it is a good one. You will be amazed with how a budget friendly landscape design can improve your property.

Give them something to talk about. Draw visitors in with pizazz and pop with a seasonal color transformation. Consumers expect a little extra during the holidays.

Annuals and perennials are very versatile and a great way to add festive curb appeal. Effortlessly transforming your property

The entrance to your building sets the tone for the type of experience the guests are expecting once they enter. Breathe new life into your entrance by replacing ‘worn out’ flowers and plants with fresh holiday alternatives.

Stunning Holiday flowers and festive plants create a positive atmosphere, happily greeting customers and making them feel welcome.

For a special visual impact, retail centers and commercial property owners can use the company’s colors and logo with flowers and artful gardens.

Remember, beautiful manicured landscaping gives credibility to a business profile, creates a positive image, and attract customers and clients. It’s an investment that really pays off!

Make your best first impression by contacting Baker Commercial Landscaping today for a free quote today or call 407-339-8821 if you’re in the Orlando area and 813-254-2323 if you’re in the Tampa area.