Orlando & Tampa Landscape Tips To Boost Your Curb Appeal

September 18, 2020

How can commercial landscaping increase your bottom line? With the power of curb appeal. It determines where people shop, what restaurants they dine, and even where they live. The landscaping is an indicator of what to expect inside. 

Just the opposite is true, a business with unkempt landscaping is encouraging people to drive right by.

It can just take a few landscaping adjustments to boost your curb appeal 

Remove any weeds

The easiest way to make a business look need and tidy is to remove all the weeds. 

Maintain the lawn 

The lawn is usually a big part of the property, maintaining it and keeping it green and beautiful is important. Patches of dirt, uneven, or long grass is not attractive. 

Removing yard debris 

There is nothing worse than leaves, sticks, and branches on the property. Vegetative and other debris on the lawn looks messy.


Edging the lawn and driveway gives your landscape that professional feel. That neat and tidy look significantly adds to the curb appeal. 

Removing any dead or overgrown brush

Trimming overgrown shrubs and trees, removing any dead branches, can improve the over look of the business. 

Fresh mulch 

Faded and worn mulch simply doesn’t look good. Add fresh mulch not only adds to the curb appeal, it provides vital nutrients to your plants. As well as, insulating the root system and retaining moisture.

Add some color 

A pop of color can instantly change your property and make it more attractive. Not just flowers, but shrubs and trees. Choose colors complement the color scheme of your business, something cheerful and bright. 

Potted plants

The great way to add color is with potted plants. Consider placing them close to the entrance. They are also easy to change out with the seasons.

Creating walkways

Whether it’s with stones, mulch, or gravel, walkways add an inviting feel, as well as intrigue.

Attractive curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive!

It just takes an experienced landscape team to create that WOW factor. Baker Commercial Landscaping does just that! Contact us today and see how we can set your business apart from the rest!