Orlando & Tampa Commercial Landscaping Solutions

October 9, 2017

Making a lasting impression, while keeping your property safe and friendly, is what Baker Commercial Landscaping takes pride in doing for Central Florida businesses, both in Orlando and Tampa.

Safety is a top concern for business owners and managers. It is crucial for guests, tenants, and employees need to feel comfortable walking around on your property. Unfortunately, it is easy for shrubs and trees to become a hazard if they are neglected. Pedestrian safety issues can easily become a serious liability.

Walk through your property and look for any landscaping encroaching on sidewalks and walkways. Shrubs or trees blocking emergency exits, windows, or scratching buildings. Trees with bare branches, damaged trunks, or exposed roots. Also look for areas with compacted soil.

It has become a very competitive market for commercial properties throughout Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County. It may just take a few simple landscape enhancements to make your business stand out and get noticed.

What does your signage look like?  Is is surrounded by beautiful plants, bright colors that can turn heads, something that pops out at those passing by, and welcoming guests?

The key to great curb appeal is a custom design and proper maintenance.  You don’t want your property to look like everyone else’s. Make it stand out with a landscape design that is customized to your property. It is a lot more affordable than you think and has a high return on investment.

Plants, shrubs, and trees grow quickly in our tropical environment and can quickly make your property look unkempt and overgrown. Low branches and shrubs growing wild can block visibility. Regular pruning and maintenance can make a huge difference.

Partnering with a professional landscape service, Baker Commercial Landscaping, to create an inviting design, keep it well maintained and updated, can add value, safety, while attracting guests.

We can help you identify areas that are potentially risky and provide a plan to make your property a safer environment.

Make sure you’re making the best first impression you can make by completing our Free Quote request to make arrangements for a full property evaluation free of charge.

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