Orlando & Tampa Commercial Landscape, 4 Key Ingredients for Success!

March 8, 2018

While property managers understand how important their landscape looks to guests and visitors, but it can be time consuming and expensive!

Whether you have a business, medical community, shopping plaza, restaurant, school, or homeowners association, a well maintained landscape can attract customers and make employees feel safe.

Taking a few proactive steps this time of year can ensure a beautiful landscape, while reducing maintenance costs.

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to take a good look at your landscape and see the toll winter has taken. Dead, dying plants and tree branches can harbor diseases and pests. It is time to fertilize, prune, plant annuals, and start mowing again. A neat and tidy curb appeal speaks volume.

Disease and Pest Control

What good is it if you spend all that money investing in a great landscape, just to have it get eaten by insects or wiped out by disease? It is worth hiring a licensed professional to tackle pest control and applying chemicals to the landscape. Not only can it end up damaging your landscape, it can harm the wildlife and people who come onto your property.

Fresh Application of Mulch

Mulch has several benefits, it acts as an insulator, protecting the plant roots from our intense heat, prevents erosion, helps retain moisture, and gives your landscape a fresh attractive look. There are many types of mulch, textures and colors. Not all mulch is the same, some can contain weed seeds and toxins. It is a job best left to professionals.

Turf Overhaul

It was an unusually cold winter, which probably took a toll on your grass.  Now is the time to fertilize and ensure your irrigation system is working correctly. A lush green lawn will speak volumes to guests.

Investing in your landscape and partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping can give you the edge over the competition! Our experienced design team is bursting with fresh ideas for spring!

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