Orlando & Tampa; How To Resolve Commercial Landscape Challenges

September 17, 2019

Meeting landscape expectations and staying on budget can be a challenge. Eye catching curb appeal is vital to the image of a business or Home owners association (HOA).

Top Landscape Challenges Resolved by the Team at Baker Commercial Landscaping 

Balancing management and tenants or homeowner’s expectations

Balancing the budget, which is what most managements are concerned about, while the top priority for tenants and property owners is aesthetics.

Our experienced design team at Baker Landscaping can recommend cost effective ways to provide beautiful curb appeal. For example, irrigation management and native plants can significantly reduce costs.

Plant selection 

Everyone seems to have an opinion on plant selection, color, and placement. Reaching a consensus is easier with the help from professionals. Choosing native plants, suited for your soil conditions, the amount of sunlight, and tropical climate. Finding the perfect balance between cost efficiency and aesthetics is what Baker Commercial Landscaping does best. 

A dedicated landscape service 

To ensure your landscape looks its best all year round is a big responsibility. Hiring the professionals at Baker Landscaping makes it easy and affordable. In the end, you can be sure to have a beautiful landscape for every season. 

Why choose Baker Commercial Landscaping?

Serving Central Florida since 1991, Baker Commercial Landscaping provides a complete landscape solution for property owners and managers eliminating the need for multiple contractors.  We have a “Can Do” attitude that sets us apart from other landscape companies.

Our team of experts create a unique, eye catching plan  for every client. With a team of certified and licensed technicians your property can have year-round beauty. From mowing, planting, trimming, and fertilizer, you can count on   Baker Commercial Landscape for a beautiful property everyone can agree on!

With Fall just around the corner, you want to be ready with warm colors and a festive landscape.

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