Orlando & Tampa Commercial Landscaping; Budget Friendly Solutions

February 16, 2020

Sure, you want your commercial property to look great all year long, but you don’t want it to cost a small fortune either. Save money and resources by partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping. Our experienced design team has practical and beautiful solution for any size property.

Here are a few just a few ways the team at Baker Landscaping creates an eye catching property that won’t break the bank!

Choose the right plants

There are quite a few plants that are native to Central Florida. Not only are they beautiful, they will conserve resources. Which means they won’t need as much fertilizer, water, and other treatments. Saving you money and maintenance, while still creating a curb appeal.

Fresh mulch

A freshly mulched landscape has a beautiful stately look and an amazing fresh woodsy smell. Mulch also promotes strong plant growth, reduces weeds and conserves water.

Tree maintenance

Maintaining your trees on a commercial property is a must for liability reasons.  Tree pruning removes dead, diseased, and weakened branches, it also ensures promotes healthy canopy growth.  It is also important tree branches and shrubs, aren’t blocking exits, walkways, or signage.


Proper irrigation is vital for a great looking lawn and landscape. Incorporating simple and affordable irrigation upgrades such as, rain shutoff devices, soil moisture sensors, and smart controllers, can keep your property looking its best. Especially helpful in the rainy season, soil monitor sensors calculate the moisture in the soil to keep your system from over watering. While, rain shutoff devices keep the system from watering during the rain.

Baker Commercial Landscaping has helped all types of business in the Orlando and Tampa area with all their landscape needs. From maintenance, design, installation, irrigation, fertilization, pest control and aquatic services, we can make your property attract customers and stay on budget.