Orlando & Tampa Landscaping; Affordable & Eco-Friendly

April 9, 2019

Why choose an Eco-Friendly landscaping service in Central Florida, Orlando, Brevard, and Tampa? Being on the cutting edge of technology not only saves money, but it also means your landscape will look its best! 

Liquid Propane (LP) fuel vs Gas. While it may not seem like a huge thing, in the long run it really is! 

Quite Communities presents the findings from a recent study that shows, “gas-powered lawn equipment – including mowers, blowers, edgers and trimmers – generates approximately 6.3 million tons of toxic and carcinogenic emissions and more than 20 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually. This does not include additional fine particulate matter that can be kicked up from ground surfaces.”

Jamie Banks, executive director and a co-author of the study, noted, “We now know that gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment is an important source of toxic and carcinogenic exhaust and fine particulate matter. Short- and long-term exposure to these emissions may pose serious health risks, especially to landscaping workers and others who live and work in areas where such equipment is in widespread use. Children, seniors, and people with chronic disease may be particularly vulnerable.”

At Baker Commercial Landscaping doing everything we can to help the environment is important!

Liquid Propane (LP) fuel is eco-friendly, and is lower in carbon monoxide emissions. Cost and consumption efficiency compared to gasoline or diesel fuels is significant.  Maintenance costs on equipment using LP fuel can be reduced because internal engine parts are not “gunked” with by-products like gasoline or diesel fueled equipment.

LP is a clean burning fuel with higher octane ratings resulting in more efficient power to the motor.   LP fuel is safe to purchase, use and store – no pouring is required which eliminates toxic spills.  The use of LP fuel in small block two and 4-stroke engines exceeds 2011 EPA Emission Standards resulting in zero evaporative emissions and ozone depleting hydrocarbons.

The use of LP fuel is non-toxic to ground water and soil emitting 97% fewer particulates and 96% fewer carcinogens into the environment compared with gasoline or diesel fuel engines.  Over 85% of liquid propane fuel that is used in the USA is produced in the USA.

Baker Commercial Landscaping also recycles 100% of all yard waste to further protect the environment.

We take pride in taking steps to better the environment. We focus on commercial properties, HOA’s, apartments, mixed use offices, restaurants, municipalities, and others areas. 

We invite you to contact Baker Commercial Landscaping and become one of our happy customers.