Orlando & Tampa Top Commercial Landscaping; Advantage of Attracting Guests

November 1, 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching, business in the Orlando and Tampa areas need every advantage they can get when it comes to attracting customers and clients during these difficult times.

What makes someone drawn to your establishments? The right landscaping can give unique characteristics and intriguing touch that entices people to visit and tell others.

Here are a few landscaping enhancements to distinguish your property above the rest

Whether it’s a retail space, business, multi-family housing or residential, think about the unique qualities of your brand or personality and show it off with seasonal flower colors, decorative patterns and hardscape elements.

Element of Surprise. Give them something to talk about. Draw visitors in with pizazz and pop with seasonal color transformation. Consumers expect a little extra during the holidays.

Vibrant flowers and plants in decorative festive containers. An easy and cost effective way to warm and beautiful welcome to your property, easy to change out for the seasons.

Inviting Seating. Encourage people to interact and stay awhile with inviting seating (of course with social distancing),  it also makes a store or business front look active and vital.

Attractive landscaping doesn’t have to have a high price tag

Proper commercial lawn care is more than just running the lawn mower over the grass and planting a couple of flowers. Baker Commercial Landscaping is a leader in the industry, with the right equipment, great customer service and affordable, to make your property stand out from the rest, add enticing curb appeal and significantly add to the property value.

Adding a few landscaping enhancements can go a long way this holiday season and Baker Commercial Landscaping makes it easy to achieve a competitive edge.

Contact Baker Commercial Landscaping today and create the WOW factor you’re looking for to attract customers and clients.