Orando/Tampa Landscape Irrigation Schedule

September 10, 2018

Florida is known as the sunshine state, but we have our fair share of afternoon showers, hurricanes, downpours and all sorts of precipitation. It can be difficult to figure out the correct watering schedule for your property or landscape, over watering can be just as dangerous as under watering. With the help of Baker Commercial Landscape your property can survive the extreme weather of Central Florida.

Excess Watering

Over watering can be dangerous for trees and plants. When soil becomes saturated, the space that is normally occupied by air fills with water taking away the oxygen needed for respiration by the roots. Root rot organisms can thrive in wet soil, when tree roots rot or become damaged they can cause the whole tree to die. When a tree dies or is unhealthy, it can become a hazard for workers and clients. Falling limbs and trees are no fun and can lead to expensive repairs avoid this problem with keeping your trees and plants healthy.

Signs of over watering include yellow leaves that start on the lower branches. Green brittle leaves are also a sign of excess water as well as fungus or algae growing on the surface of the soil. Baker can help you maintain a healthy watering scheduling to ensure the proper amount of water.

Weather conditions have a huge impact on irrigation. If it has rained a lot it can be in good to adjust the schedule. Checking the soil is a good way to determine how much hydration is needed. Different species of trees, plants, and shrubs require different amounts of water. This is another aspect that Baker takes into consideration when drafting a plan for your landscape.

To Little Water

Depending on Mother Nature as a watering source might not always work out, Florida also has its dryer season. It is important to ensure that a plant or tree is properly hydrated. Fall and Winter in Florida can be very dry, keeping regular irrigation schedules will help your landscape maintain its beauty year-round.

Baker Commercial Landscape has over 40 years of irrigation experience and are ready to help you keep your property properly watered and irrigated. Our technicians are trained in areas like clock, line, valve and pump installations, as well as the repair of heads and rotors. They also can complete periodic system maintenance and repairs. Give Baker a call for all your irrigation concerns and needs.