Landscape Design & Installation That Fits Your Property and Budget

April 16, 2018

Whether you own or manage commercial offices in the Orlando, Brevard, or Tampa area, executive suites, business center, or office buildings, have a beautiful and well maintained landscape will not only increase the property value, it will attract new tenants.
A safe and positive outside landscape will encourage employees have a positive and productive environment. While reducing liabilities and maintaining a safe property.

Corporate campuses have a brand and visual representation to showcase for both employees and customers.

The appearance of your property speaks volumes!

Your business is unique and your landscape should positively reflect that. Whether it is a design to compliment your brand, the addition of seasonal color, mulching, or a few renovations, it is well worth the investment.

You would be surprised the difference a few well placed trees can make on a property, as well as reduce the utility bill, especially during the hot months.

Using the latest technology, the design team at Baker Commercial Landscaping carefully create a custom landscape for your property that will add beauty and value. While making a lasting first impression for friends, family, clients and passers-by. Our  installation team will work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that fits the property and your budget.

In this day and age, effective irrigation is more important than ever!

Baker Commercial Landscaping, Inc. has over 40 years of irrigation experience.  Technicians are trained in areas such as clock, line, valve and pump installation, operational trouble shooting of heads and rotors, and complete periodic system maintenance and repairs.

Our irrigation fleet is fully equipped with parts and accessories to assist with maintenance and repairs at the time we provide our comprehensive periodic system maintenance checks.

Partnering with Baker Commercial Landscaping protects your bottom line with cost effective solutions with an in house design team, fertilization, tree care, maintenance, pest and weed management. We can even get your property prepared for a storm or help with emergency clean up afterwards.

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