Is Your Orlando/Tampa Business Landscape Ready for the Holidays?

October 16, 2017

Give your commercial property the WOW factor this fall with beautiful, vibrant annuals and garden design.

Like it or not, customers judge your business by what the property looks like on the outside. Your curb appeal translates into what guests should expect when they get inside. A tired overgrown and outdated landscape speaks volumes!

Bright, beautiful seasonal annuals are the easiest way to improve your first impression.

land 1Think of your landscaping as a welcome mat for your customers. Annuals come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, combined to make a bold statement.

The experienced team at Baker Commercial Landscaping will work closely with you to create an eye catching design that compliments your property.

From choosing the perfect annuals to properly preparing the soil, ensuring proper drainage, mulching, irrigation, and planting to attract customers to your door.

With all the stressful weather we have had lately, it is a good time to take care of the lakes and ponds on your property. Eco-friendly aquatic treatments enhance the beauty of nature while at the same time controlling the many invasive weed species that occupy our Florida waterways. The perfectly timed treatments provide optimal results so re-treatments are kept to a minimum.

Need a pop of fresh color to make your Orlando/Tampa business stand out?

Maybe your property needs a new landscape design with flowers, shrubs, and trees to make your company stand out.

Now is the time to take that extra step to give your business the best image possible for your customers, clients and guests, it’s an investment that generates great returns.

Whether it is a landscape redesign or a complete overhaul, let the design and installation team at Baker Commercial Landscaping create an eye catching welcome mat for your property that will add beauty and value to your property, but also provide a lasting first impression