Inviting Orlando/Tampa Landscaping Without Breaking The Budget

October 2, 2020

Everyone knows professional landscaping can make all the difference, especially here in Orlando and Tampa. But the price tag can keep you from having amazing curb appeal. Don’t worry, Baker Commercial Landscaping can make your property look inviting without breaking the budget. Creating a beautiful welcome mat for your customers and guests.

Keeping the landscape looking good is vital. It can set the tone for guests, clients, and employees. From driving into your parking lot to walking up to the entrance, you want your guest to feel welcomed. Studies show business with beautiful commercial landscape tend to have patrons who are happier, stay longer, and spend more money.

Fall in Florida has its Unique Landscaping Tasks

2010LandscapeShow 055Fall Clean Up: Though we may not have as many leaves on the ground as our friends from up north, it is important to have an extensive cleaning before the cooler winter weather arrives. Remove faded plants and any dead debris.

Seasonal Plants

An easy and affordable way to spruce up for fall is with new seasonal flower beds and container plants. It can give your property a crisp, fresh look for visitors. Fall is also a good time to fertilize, it helps new plants and grass grow, encourages established plants to bloom, and boost tree growth.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Pruning keeps trees and shrubs healthy, gives a manicured look to your property and ensures fronds and branches don’t become a hazard. It is important all sidewalks and pathways are safe for visitors.

Irrigation Maintenance

Plants and grass may not need as much water during the cooler months, it is important to adjust your sprinklers. Since your irrigation system is basically the lifeline to your landscape, it is important to have it routinely inspected to make sure it is operating efficiently and water is going to all the right places.

Whether it is a new landscape design, installation, or quality maintenance your looking for, Baker Commercial Landscaping is the company to contact.

To set up an appointment, contact our Tampa office at 813-254-2323 or our Orlando office at 407-339-8821 , to set up a consultation.